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Don't Let the Sun Ruin Your Summer Fun!

Aloha, As spring is already here and summer around the corner, I find myself outside more often. The last few years I have been more conscious of protecting my skin during the summer months and applying sunscreen whenever I am outdoors. From when I was younger, I have many freckles (I call them ‘sun kisses’) that are turning a darker brown. Eventually, they could turn into moles which doesn’t surprise me at all after the amount of time I spent in the sun. I started to think what we can do to prevent more wrinkles, sun blotches, and sunburns while in the sun. I put together a list of things I use before and after a day in the sun:...

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Essential Oils & Menopause

Unfortunately, a significant increase of women are experiencing menopause at a younger age. Melissa shares how essential oils can help during this difficult time in a woman’s life.

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