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Have you wanted to learn more of CoQ10, but information about this supplement is confusing? Many people are also confused, and Dr. Purser acknowledges it is a complicated topic. I hope you find answers while reading since CoQ10 as it plays an important role in activating the metabolism.

CoQ10 is a nutrient our body naturally produces and acts as an antioxidant which protects cells from damage and improve overall well-being. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, cardiovascular complications, fatigue, or other energy-depleting conditions, CoQ10 is a great option to boost your energy. Other complications CoQ10 treats include high blood pressure, heart failure (along with several other heart conditions), liver problems, and muscle pain.

With so many brands creating CoQ10, it becomes difficult to know which is the best brand. After trying several brands, I found the Qunol CoQ10 to give me the largest boost of energy. In earlier blog posts, I explained how after going through cancer treatments, I felt extremely fatigued and would come home every day after work just to crash on the couch. Once Dr. Purser recommended I include CoQ10 into my regimen, it took my energy levels and ability to focus to another level. Today people are amazed it has been just one year since my cancer treatments.

If you find yourself looking for ways to improve your quality of life and feel younger, I know CoQ10 will help you find the energy to take on new adventures in life! In addition to CoQ10, I use Vitamin D, MTHFR Support, and GABA to complement the benefits of CoQ10 in my regimen. Be sure to consult your medical professional to address your questions and concerns.

For more information, watch Dr. Purser’s YouTube videos covering CoQ10: CoQ-10 and Thyroid Medication and When Do I Take CoQ10

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