I have several #1 books on Amazon™ bringing new patients into my practice as I use a step-wise approach. What do I mean by ‘step-wise’? I recently attended an education conference on testosterone pellets and their surgical placement since we occasionally use them with certain patients.

This conference was interesting because vendors were selling pellets from various pharmacies and to them everyone needed pellets. After a while I just started to chuckle and tell my partner, Dr. Kimball Crofts, that when you’re selling hammers, everything’s a nail.

When I was younger, I took a test on intelligence and they asked us to come up with ways to cross a river. I came up with 54. The average person came up with 14. For some reason I had the highest number – which surprised me. The professor explained that is showed brain flexibility and intelligence.

But now I watch my fellow physician’s thought processes becoming seemingly calcified and robotic. Honestly, they are as smart as me, if not smarter, but they are so swamped and overwhelmed they don’t have the luxury of time and patience that I do to look for root causes. I can, and do, take hours to look at each patient and consider what’s really happening with each patient.

In addition to more time, I am not at the mercy of insurance company rules and policies. The constraints of my Utah medical license and my own internal ethics control what I do (and my patient’s willingness to spend on tests) allow me to dig a little deeper.


I love looking at SpectraCell™ Comprehensive Nutritional panels to gather more data – to tell me if a vitamin deficiency can be a root cause. Numerous men come in with low testosterone and I ask them, “Why do you have low testosterone?”

They always look surprised, then I see a light dawn in their eyes. No one’s tried to figure this out or asked this question of them or for them before. Generally, I take a one- or two-hour long history, then check labs.

If a clear cause for their low testosterone (Hypogonadism) does not become apparent from their lab results or history, I suggest a SpectraCell™ Nutritional panel. It is not cheap and takes 3-4 weeks to get results back, but it is well worth it.

A number of young men with terrible SpectraCell™ results (significant vitamin deficiencies) came into my practice. The vitamin deficiencies ended up being the cause of their low testosterone. I took them off of their testosterone injections and their levels recovered naturally.

I see this with really bad osteoporosis cases (both male and female), too. If this isn’t dealt with appropriately, their osteoporosis will never go away. Patients think this is miraculous because usually a lot of doctors have tried to help them to no avail.

If in doubt, order a SpectraCell™ Comprehensive Nutritional panel as it could answer your questions.

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