Raise your hand if you start lagging after lunch. I may have both my hands up. Because I know that one of my worst problems is how exhausted I am after lunch. And at that point my day isn’t even half way over! And there is no way I have the time or patience to go lay down and take a nap. I know most of you reading this don’t have the time either to go and take a nap everyday afternoon. I am also a part of the no drinking coffee club, because honestly it just makes me anxious and doesn’t help with my energy. I’m also not a fan of energy drinks because they just don’t work at all for me. But the two things that do help me are Vars Glutathione and oddly enough Brain Support. 8 squirts of VARS Glutathione and I feel like I’m ready to run a marathon and party the night away. But don't worry, my version of a party is having a marathon of old rom coms and eating cake. The next thing I make sure to take every day for my energy levels is Brain Support. You weren’t expecting that one were you? Well oddly enough it helps me TREMENDOUSLY with my energy. I personally take 3 brain support everyday, and I have never felt better! I feel sharp as a tack and ready to handle any problems life throws at me. So take a second and reevaluate what you're doing to help with your afternoon slump. Because while those energy drinks promise you a solution, they're most likely just aiding the problem. Give yourself all the energy you need.

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