Everyone has heard of Antioxidants, but what are Super-Antioxidants? 

A super-antioxidant is an antioxidant that has been put through our patented system that allows normal antioxidants to be their most potent and functional! This is achieved by keeping them away from air. Throughout the manufacturing process up until the moment the end user takes or applies one of our super-antioxidants, it has been protected from air, oxygen specifically. 

This simple step protects our super-antioxidants from oxidizing - what they are supposed to do. Antioxidants go through the REDOX cycle, meaning, they change form between REDuced and Oxidized. When an antioxidant becomes oxidized, it means that it has been connected with a free radical, a heavy metal, or some other toxin. It takes a catalyst and energy (ATP) to reshape antioxidants back into their reduced form to then be able to bond with another oxidant. Oxidants such as negatively charged oxygen ions, peroxides or superoxides are all potentially dangerous to all the inner workings of our cells. 

With every breath we take, and every carbohydrate that is converted to ATP, we are dealing with oxidants potentially harming our DNA and protein production. That is why our bodies and all living organisms have amazing antioxidant systems in place. The problem is, as we age we lose antioxidant functionality, and lose the ability to reduce our antioxidants back into their functional form. Many scientists, researchers, and doctors believe this is the true cause of aging. 


What if there was a way to age healthily with the support of antioxidants? 

Here at AO Biologix and Physician Designed, we’ve wrangled two Super-Antioxidants. GSH (reduced or functional glutathione) and SOD (superoxide dismutase). Glutathione is known as The Master Antioxidant as it is used in countless processes throughout our body and all our cells. It has an especially sticky side to the molecule that bonds to free radicals and toxins better than any other molecule. Glutathione has been well studied leading to the promise of a host of amazing benefits, yet no product for sale has ever actually lived up to the potential, until now. VARS Glutathione truly delivers the master antioxidant in every pump of its liposomal formulation. 

VARS Glutathione is a liposomal oral supplement, designed to be taken every day to increase energy production in our cells, provide superior detox support in the liver, boost all-around immune function of the body, clear toxins and brain fog, and provide amazing well-being effects. VARS stands for Validated, Absorbable, Reduced, and Stable - the first of its kind to truly deliver on the promise of what glutathione can do. Remember, glutathione put through our system delivers the Super-Antioxidant, Ultra Reduced, Stable version of glutathione in an everyday supplement. VARS Glutathione is the only glutathione on the planet that can claim this. 

All other versions of glutathione are mostly oxidized, rendering them essentially useless. There are some benefits of taking oxidized glutathione, but your cells have to convert it into its reduced form before it can cause any beneficial function. It just doesn’t do that much. Supplementing with NAC or n-acetyl cysteine, one of the three amino acids that make up glutathione, is a good way to boost glutathione levels too. 

But there is nothing like supplementing with a truly reduced and functional glutathione. Near instantaneous detox and energy production benefits. That is the promise of VARS Glutathione. 


Now onto SOD or Superoxide Dismutase. 

SOD is a specialized enzyme that acts as an antioxidant to quench superoxide radicals. Remember our system of handling antioxidants? Just like glutathione, we keep the SOD molecules away from oxygen enabling them to be the most potent and active versions that they can be. This leads to amazing results as well. 

Also like glutathione, SOD has been studied over the years and many amazing benefits have been promised, but no product out there has lived up to it. 

In our own clinical studies, we initiated trials attempting to treat genetically caused neurodegenerative problems. Very early in those studies we realized something peculiar. Pain started to dissipate with topical use. This led to numerous clinical studies, including a 27 patient, placebo controlled, double blind, crossover study of our topical SOD product with lidocaine. Our results overwhelmingly showed SOD with lidocaine provided much more pain relief than lidocaine alone. 

And thus SERUM X Topical Pain Relief Gel was created. With incredibly fast acting pain relief, SERUM X quickly became our top selling product. Truly unique pain relief that’s non addictive and actually supports liver and kidney function, a fully functional pain relief product, with incredible skin smoothing and conditioning properties, SERUM X is THE alternative to current pain management substances. 

The most amazing thing about Serum X and VARS Glutathione is their ability to work together. Our cells use them in a sequence to fight the toughest oxidants. SOD takes a superoxide molecule and converts it into Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide. Then Glutathione converts Hydrogen Peroxide into water rendering the dangerous superoxides as harmless H2O water molecules and stable oxygen molecules.

As mentioned before, we lose the ability to utilize these antioxidants as we age. Our cells are unable to produce and reduce them and therefore suffer oxidative stress and damage. Supplementing and using the functional forms of these antioxidants can make all the difference in our cellular health!  

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