It’s horrifying how quickly exhaustion can creep up on you. One moment you feel alive and happy and the next all you wanna do is lay in bed and do nothing but stare at the wall. It’s scary how you can be so exhausted that even the thought of watching a t.v. show can send you into a spiral of exhaustion. What's worse is that you're so exhausted and others just believe you to be lazy. When really your eyes ache from how exhausted you are. And this exhaustion is not a tiredness that you can just sleep away, but an aching weariness that settles into your bones. Some are like me where the exhaustion comes and goes in waves. So in those in between moments when you’re not so exhausted you do everything possible to make sure you stay that way. And something that truly saved me from a life of constant exhaustion and fear of exhaustion, which just makes you even more exhausted, is Vars Glutathione. Even on the best of days I take as much VARS as I can trying to stay ahead of the curve. And now after taking vars, the good days are far more often than the bad. So now I can go hiking when I want to, swimming, and even just walking. And VARS will always be a staple item in my long list of vitamins and antioxidants to take!

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