Pain relief unlike any other.

Combining the anesthetic effects of lidocaine with the powerful antioxidant properties of superoxide dismutase. Use for target pain relief and get back to enjoying life.

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Questions? We've got answers

What is SERUM X?

Serum X is a topical lidocaine-based anesthetic product with added antioxidant action.

Is SERUM X all-natural?

No, SERUM X is not all-natural, it is an OTC product and is made with the highest-grade pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade components on the market.

How is SERUM X different from other pain relief products?

SERUM X spent two years in development with a solid year at a world renown dermatological developmental lab. SERUM X has potent “Super-Antioxidant” action when it comes to skin soothing.

How will I know if SERUM X is working?

Most of our customers feel pain relief within the first couple minutes of using SERUM X.  Some will feel a moderate reduction in pain while others have complete resolution of pain. Be careful not to push too hard if injured - the pain may be gone but the injury is still there and needs time to heal.

How long do the effects of SERUM X last?

Most will feel relief for 2-4 hours after the first application, then upon second application will get 3-4 hours, and longer on the third application. After a while you may need to apply only once or twice a day.

Why the use of parabens in SERUM X?

SERUM X Pain Relief Gel is a topical OTC pharmaceutical pain product. Because of the nature of this product, pharmaceutical-grade preservatives are necessary to keep the product stable over time. The parabens used in this product have been proven to be safe for human use. 

Does SERUM X have a scent?

No, it is completely scentless.

What are Super-Antioxidants anyway?

Antioxidants + Patented Technology = SUPER-ANTIOXIDANTS. For a full explanation please visit here.

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