A new year has begun giving us a fresh start. When reflecting on 2018, what lifestyle choices do you want to improve? For many working out more, eating healthier, and getting back on their program are common goals. What I love so much about the beginning of the year is the renewed energy we have. Of course, we can restart at any time in the year, but the beginning of the new year has an extra motivating feeling in life.

I find in my life there is always room for improvement. When we become stagnant in growth, it begins to weigh heavily on the self-confidence and energy we exude. This year I want to focus on three areas of my health including mind, body, and spirit. Within these areas, I want to be mindful of my everyday choices in what I eat, my exercise routine, filling my spirit with yoga, meditation, church, and scriptures.

When I follow my program and resolutions, I notice my attitude and mindset change. I can feel an improvement in my body and my energy level goes up significantly along with my happiness. Unfortunately, it is hard to stay with our program and resolutions even though it is the best thing for our health. This year I am going to make a better effort to follow my program and improve how my body feels.

Make sure to check out the other blog posts (Glutathione, Vitamin D, CoQ10, GABA, Fasting, and Water) to learn about the program I follow. If you are interested or have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below!

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