Dr. Purser explains the diagnosis and treatment of MTHFR (methylenteterahydrofolate reductase enzyme deficiency disease). Learn the genetic component of this illness (such as C677T or A1298C) and how both affect the body's inability of methylation of carbohydrates into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).
Discover how the complex enzyme pathways of the Krebs cycle and citric acid cycle convert carbohydrate molecules into ATP molecules in the mitochondria.
Explore the relationship of MTHFR to vitamin deficiencies and hormone deficiencies. Learn how vitamin supplements can replace key missing (unmethylated) vitamins in patients with MTHFR.
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  • Mary Emilio said:

    This is third week on the protocol. Feel no changes at all yet. I raised my mthfr to 3 a day and I am sleeping off and on all day. Did my research and I am backing off to 2 a day.
    Not sure if I am correct. Always had trouble taking and adjusting medications.

    April 30, 2020

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