One of the most dreaded words for women is menopause. Many women embrace this natural change; however, other women are shocked when it happens to them. Personally, my body is going through menopause as a result of my cancer treatment. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with the constant hot and cold flashes women face during this difficult time.

Have you realized what happens to your body besides the hot and cold flashes, or the joyous stop of your monthly cycle? What other changes take place within your body that cause these symptoms? Can you do anything to help compensate for what your body is losing? Dr. Dan Purser’s Essential Oils and Healthy Menopause: History and Research Secrets is a great resource to understand more about menopause. Below I will cover several main points, but I would recommend reading his book for a deeper look into menopause.

 In menopause, your ovaries begin to fail, if they haven’t failed already. From their failure, you will no longer produce at least five hormones including Progesterone, Testosterone, Estradiol, DHEA, and Pregnenolone. These hormones not only make us beautiful women, but protect us from aging. Fortunately, essential oils can help substantially. Below are oils and vitamins that are life-savers for replenishing these hormones:  

  • Progesterone Supporting Essential

  • Testosterone: Mountain Savory Blue Spruce Essential Oil

  • Estrogen: Lavender oil and Clary sage

  • Thyroid: Myrtle

  • Jasmine

  • Evening primrose essential oil

  • Chaste Tree Berry Leaf

  • Zinc tablets

  • Glutathione

  • Vitamin D

I would highly recommend learning more of how these oils benefit the loss of these hormones during menopause with Dr. Purser’s book. Hopefully using essential oils is possible solution to help you feel better and healthier!

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  • Sylvia Green said:

    I have been using essential oils for a while and I have a good results with clary sage and lavendar. I need to learn more about progesterone. I am going to order the book. I do t see vitiman d or zinc picolinate for sale on this site can you help?

    April 14, 2020

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