Infertility affects thousands of couples each year who struggle to find helpful advice. One common treatment recommended is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Although initial testing is performed, it is incredible how many doctors leap to IVF as an answer. The two reasons I would not recommend IVF is the treatment’s cost and scope. To complete the treatment, couples can expect to spend roughly $12,500 (Utah IVF average) while critical infertility issues (low testosterone and sperm count from pituitary, genetic, or nutritional factors) are rarely considered.

Unfortunately, more natural female infertility treatments are not given enough merit since the root causes (minor to moderate) are not known, understood, or recognized sufficiently. From my ten years of research, vitamin deficiencies and pituitary dysfunction (less common) can cause ovarian or testicular insufficiencies, when may appear as pituitary damage. However, the ‘appearance’ of pituitary damage is a lack of fertility hormones produced to complete the fertilization process. To address this factor of infertility properly, we use specialized technology (FDA & HHS approval) to provide reliable and insightful results.

For most cases, genetics also need to be reviewed (particularly for MTHFR) for each spouse. We use intracellular vitamin testing, targeted supplement regime, and deep genetic testing to understand and resolve the full issue. Our patients who combine their knowledge of infertility factors and genetics, address their long-term fertility success while improving their children’s health affordably.

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Dr. Purser

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