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Soothing Relief & Skin Renewing Power of Super Antioxidants!

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Patented Topical Spray: The only topical that soothes AND renews the skin.

How bad can shingles be? Worse than you can imagine.

When people get shingles, they experience an excruciating, debilitating pain unlike anything else. A red rash turns to fiery blisters that often run along nerves, adding nerve pain to the itching, burning and stabbing pain. In fact, shingles is the number one cause of suicide in adults older than 65 years old. With effects this severe, it’s not ok to have a doctor say, “You’ll just have to deal with it. The virus has to run its course.”

Dealing with it is not an acceptable solution.

Every person suffering with shingles deserves a topical solution that soothes AND speeds the skin's natural renewal process.

With severe skin irritation, simply relieving pain is not enough. Adults need to support their skin's natural renewal processes.

Unlike temporary pain relief, Shingular soothes and renews the skin for lasting benefits.

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3 Steps to Soothe & Renew Skin.

1. Spray Shingular directly on the affected site.

2. Experience fast relief while glutathione goes to work.

3. Get your life back as your skin renews itself!




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  • Joseph Haidusek said:

    I ordered this spray while in severe pain from shingles. The first time I used it I got nauseated and sick to my stomach because of the horrible smell. I never had the stomach to try it again. The shingles pain is hard enough to handle by its self, I didn’t need to add to the pain with induced stomach sickness. I feel like for the amount of money that I spent on this spray that something could be do to make it smell better. I also feel as if the reviews on this site are very misleading. I’m not sure if I got a bad or old can but I’m very disappointed in this product.

    January 12, 2022

  • Lauralea Slaughter said:

    Got sample … want to order the buy 2 get one deal … can’t find it now … no prices … no order form … don’t want sample again … tried calling multiple times … get messages back … ready to give up! I just want to know price for buy 2 ger one free and how to order!

    November 19, 2021

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