Have you thought about the possibility of having low in testosterone? Yes, both men and women suffer from low testosterone. Understanding the signs and symptoms, in men and women, can help dramatically and improve testosterone levels.

Since I was 30 years old, I forced my body through menopause with a lupron shot prior to starting chemotherapy in order to prevent my estrogen-positive cancer from spreading. Unfortunately, I had the same side-effects women go through during menopause including hot and cold flashes, dryness, and low libido. Have you considered the changes your body is going through and the hormones it could be lacking? It may be your body is needing more testosterone.

Dr. Purser talks about how women needs testosterone and understanding what testosterone does for your body. Testosterone increase muscle mass, improves joints, and increases libido going. Personally, I use a testosterone cream and it has helped rejuvenate my body’s hormones to help its healing process. Be sure to watch Dr. Purser’s videos WOMEN: Testosterone Natural Options and Low Testosterone in Women for more information.

Generally, for men three causes contribute to low testosterone. These are trauma (pituitary or testicular) nutrition, and/or genetic. Finding the root reason of low testosterone and increasing levels naturally is critical. Using testosterone shots or creams should be your last result. Dr. Purser sees many who suffer from head trauma, such as concussions, have low levels of testosterone. Vitamin deficiencies, nutritionally and genetically, have negative affects in your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone. Low Testosterone in Men, Five Things About Testosterone Your Doctor Has Wrong, and Dr. Purser’s book Improving Male Sexuality, Fertility and Testosterone cover solutions and natural treatment plans to improve low testosterone.

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