During my first year of high school I started dealing with symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia runs in my family, so it wasn’t a surprise that I also had it. Living with Fibro at such a young age came with so many ups and downs. But one of the most tedious at the time was brain fog. Fibro is notorious for making you forgetful and keeping your brain confused. So, having to deal with that on top of my other terrible symptoms and going to high school? I was living in a constant nightmare. My forgetfulness and brain fog was making me fail classes and in general just making me feel like a failure myself. I was in a constant state of exhaustion from just trying to keep up with my own dreams of what I wanted my life to look like after high school. But my own goals and dreams were starting to feel farther and farther out my reach because of my struggle with brain fog in school. That's when brain support came into my life. At first I slightly balked at the idea that a product could help me so much. But after a week of taking the recommended dose every day I started feeling like a new person. I was remembering details better. Honestly I was remembering everything better. My grades started going up and truthfully I just was finding more joy in the simple things. It made me want to cry tears of sadness and joy because after feeling like I got my brain back I couldn’t comprehend how I lived with brain fog like that for so long. I felt happy and clear headed after feeling stuck and blind for so many years. And I truly believe that brain support was one of the biggest reasons I was able to graduate a year early from high school with perfect grades and a smile on my face. 

This last weekend I went on a little trip. And it was one of the best trips I’ve had while dealing with my fibromyalgia. Because in the past I would ignore my body and push myself too far, all because I never wanted to be left out or be seen as being weak. But I would end up pushing myself too hard and it would take me weeks to recover. 

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