Dr. Purser explains why women need testosterone. Learn about how testosterone promotes muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, healthy moisture of eyes, mouth and vagina while preventing congestive heart failure. And also how it improves libido.
Learn why natural compounded cream of testosterone is an effective and safe alternative. Discover why oral or injected testosterone more than doubles the risk of breast cancer. Learn about the correct application of bioTe hormone pellet therapy.
Subjects discussed are testosterone, women's health, muscle strength, endurance, CHF, heart health, breast cancer risk, bioTe, testosterone cream, hormone pellet therapy, libido, and healthy moisture.


  • Catrina Kingsley said:

    Dr. Purser, I recently had bloodwork done and my testosterone levels are <5. I’m 45yo and a little over a year ago I had a complete hysterectomy and only have one ovary now. Of all my hormone levels testosterone is the only one that was low. How can I raise it naturally?

    October 21, 2020

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