Do you struggle with osteoporosis or bleeding disorders? Learn why Vitamin K is critical to bone density and prevention of osteoporosis. Learn about the relationship of Vitamin K deficiency and bleeding disorders such as borderline hemophilia, joint bleeding disorders, haemarthrosis (bleeding into joint spaces), and how Vitamin K is critical for proper clotting.
Learn why you need Vitamin K2 specifically, and why you should ideally take a combination of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K together. Learn about contraindication of Vitamin K for patients taking blood thinners.
Subjects discussed are Vitamin K, Vitamin K2, osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, hemophilia, haemathrosis, joint bleeding disorder, fat soluble vitamins, vitamins A/D/K, hard bones, bone density, proper clotting, K2 process, and blood thinner.

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