Osteoporosis is a problem many individuals face. However, osteopenia (a precursor to osteoporosis) is an even bigger challenge few recognize. To compound the issue, many doctors prescribe bisphosphonates when undiagnosed (or improperly diagnosed) vitamin deficiencies are causing osteopenia and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, bisphosphonates are reported to have a 75% rate of serious side effects.  
Vitamin deficiencies are no joking matter in relation to osteoporosis. Most know a lack of Vitamin D can cause softer bones and lower levels of calcium. Yet, many other vitamin deficiencies, including magnesium and zinc deficiencies, may lead to osteoporosis.  
In our research, we found intracellular levels of these vitamins are far more accurate than serum levels to assess deficiencies. Therefore, we use a patented (FDA & HHS approved) method that measures 39 potential deficiencies in addition to properly obtaining serum levels of various hormones (all of which can impact quality of life, bones, cardiovascular health, and sexuality). When vitamin and hormonal levels are optimized, majority of patients experience an increase of bone density and do not rely on bisphosphonates (or similar drugs).  
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