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Dr. Dan Purser strives to help others achieve a better quality of life through natural and modern forms of medicine. Dr. Purser graduated from Brigham Young University and University of Mississippi School of Medicine. While at BYU, he ran cross country and track where heĀ fell in love with the pursuit of optimal health. This love has only increased since practicing medicine for the lastĀ 33 years as he helps countless patients understand their symptoms and show them ways to feel better.

Dr. Purser speaks worldwide to share his findings from extensive years of endocrinology research. His experiences from speaking engagements inspired him to write bestselling books that address the needs he commonly sees in patients and audiences. Topics of his books include MTHFR, progesterone, fibromyalgia, testosterone, and many more.

Dr. Purser founded Physician Designed Supplements with Stephen Pitcher to bring supplements to the market that specifically treat symptoms he sees internationally. These products are effective and all-natural to resolve the base problems patients struggle with frequently. Dr. Purser believes knowledge and action are essential to find healthy solutions.

Dr. Purser can be found often at Disneyland and Disney World in his time off. He finds reduced stress and connection with youthful imaginations while at Disney helps substantially as he continues to pursue optimal health.