Ending Fibromyalgia with Natural Options


I feel it is important for us to take a moment and recognize how amazing our bodies are when they function at full capacity. Unfortunately, our bodies are not perfect and I feel it is worst when we know something is wrong and cannot do anything about it. In previous blog posts, I have talked about copper toxicity and fibromyalgia, however, I wanted to share my own experience on this topic.

A few weeks ago I had terrible bone pain, so I went into my oncologist for scans to determine what it could possibly be. In my mind, I thought cancer had returned and began preparing for this reality. As each scan returned one by one, every one was was negative only showing arthritis and a bulging lumbar (which I knew about for many years). I think I was in complete shock that no hidden issues were found! Fortunately, I made plans for the worst, but hoping for the best. It was such a relief to have these clear results. But my question then became, what was causing this amount of pain?

After talking with my aunt (since she experienced similar pain), I learned I may have too much copper in my body resulting in copper toxicity. Generally, copper toxicity causes fibromyalgia flare-ups so I started to take Copper Balance along with VARS Glutathione. During the first few days, I felt so much better as the pain became barely an ache and later was completely gone. After such a great improvement in a few days, I now understand my body is very sensitive to foods high in copper (basically my entire diet).

Fibromyalgia is a widespread illness that can be improved and controlled with diet. For this reason, a Facebook group ‘End Fibromyalgia with Natural Options’ (Private Group & Open Group) is being launched to help those who experience struggle with fibromyalgia. On these pages, there will be recipes to choose from, support groups to interact with, and communities to share ideas.

I hope my story, along with these new Facebook Groups, will help you find answers and support to ease the pain you face on a daily basis. I applaud you for not allowing fibromyalgia to to control your life and always remember someone is there to help live a happier life!

Keep going, you got this!



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