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Don't Let the Sun Ruin Your Summer Fun!

Aloha, As spring is already here and summer around the corner, I find myself outside more often. The last few years I have been more conscious of protecting my skin during the summer months and applying sunscreen whenever I am outdoors. From when I was younger, I have many freckles (I call them ‘sun kisses’) that are turning a darker brown. Eventually, they could turn into moles which doesn’t surprise me at all after the amount of time I spent in the sun. I started to think what we can do to prevent more wrinkles, sun blotches, and sunburns while in the sun. I put together a list of things I use before and after a day in the sun:...

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Could Melatonin Help You Sleep Better and Longer?

Is falling asleep a constant battle each night? Do you wake up feeling not completely rested? It may be time to explore natural options to help your body get the rest it needs throughout the night!

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