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My name is Melissa, and I am excited to share a little of my story and how Dr. Purser’s passion for preventative care continues to improve my overall life and well being! I am a 33-year-old (Island girl at heart) living in the city. My loves include family, Leilani (my corgi/lab puppy), and the beach! I am a former Division 1 collegiate water polo athlete, coach, breast cancer survivor. I have worked in education for nine years after completing my master’s degree in Teaching & Learning. It wouldn’t surprise me if you think, “She doesn’t have any experience or background in the medical field.” But I believe my experience will be relate as they are real-life experiences.  I have extensive knowledge of experiences with doctors from sports injuries, life-threatening infections, and Stage 3 breast cancer. You will be able to read about my own journey and experience with what is discussed each week as my story unfolds and how truly amazing life can be when you get your mind and body balanced appropriately. Just like a lotus flower, we all continue to rise from the ‘mud’ of life, bloom in the dark, and continue to be vibrant and beautiful. Our paths may all be different, but we are all here to find ways to better our well being. There is so much advice to share and I look forward to sharing the wealth of knowledge Dr. Purser’s research. He truly is compassionate and vested to help us all live a long, cheerful, healthy, and vibrant life. I invite you to follow along each week to see what new healthy lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your life.

Glutathione, is it the cure all? I’m not sure about that, but I do know that the antioxidant benefits of ensuring you have enough glutathione in your system will help prevent many symptoms. NIH (National Institution of Health) still doesn’t know if it should be classified as a hormone, vitamin, or supplement. For now, it is considered a vitamin/supplement. I’ve been raving about glutathione and how amazing it is, and it surprised me to have a reaction from Rebekah Thompson as she loves it as well! I was able to visit with Rebekah and I want to share a little of what she told me.

She is currently going to school to be a Certified Clinical Herbalist she has a strong passion for the realm of holistic healing, Shamanic Traditions and Native healing. She first heard about glutathione when she was working for a chiropractor who had a herbalist and would advise every patient, “Take this forever!”. Rebekah uses glutathione everyday and said, “My body likes it, it helps support tissue regeneration, repairing body matrix, and helps with the root of a lot of other symptoms.”

I was able to share my own experiences about glutathione and why I started to take it. The intense cancer treatments completely destroyed my body, I didn’t feel like me anymore. Glutathione has been helping me to recover to former self and is healing the neuropathy in my feet and legs (one of my biggest hardships). Being an athlete and experiencing the depletion of my body through chemotherapy was the hardest physical, mental and emotional set back I have gone through. Not being able to move around and be as active as I once was left me feeling depressed and feeling unattractive. Adding glutathione into my regimen accelerated my healing process. No one would ever guess a year after treatment I ever went through cancer. I like to refer to glutathione as our family’s ‘Windex’ (I am a huge My Big Fat Greek Wedding fan). We use it for everything from a bug bites, illnesses, sunburns, to neuropathy.

As Rebekah mentioned there are many benefits of glutathione, in fact thousands of ways this vitamin/supplement helps heal and protect your body. You may have watched Dr. Dan Purser in one of his YouTube videos explaining what glutathione does including supporting the Immune System Functionality. Glutathione covers your white blood cells (resembling a porcupine or blow fish) and these spikes protect white blood cells from viruses trying to kill them off. Viruses such as HIV, Shingles, Herpes, Hepatitis that try to turn off your ability to reduce glutathione to its functional state in your body.

If that doesn’t help you start using glutathione everyday, understand how important and refreshing glutathione is. It helps remove and detox heavy metals, relieve burns (especially with summer time approaching!), improve neuropathy, reduce arthritis and osteoarthritis, stimulate anti-aging properties, reduce cell damage, lower cholesterol, protect heart. Glutathione also lowers the risk of stroke, coronary artery disease, kidney disease, and chronic renal failure. If one of these symptoms you would like to prevent, adding glutathione into your daily routine is going to have you glowing like the sun and have a rejuvenated spring in your step.

Keep smiling,

Melissa Soria

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