Do you have family history of breast cancer, but are BRCA Negative? Here are some tips tricks that reduce risk:

  1. Take CoQ10 supplementation -- ubiquinol 200mg/day

  2. Take Vitamin D3 5,000 iu/day -- get level to 90-104

  3. Take fish oil 2500 mg/day

  4. Lose weight!

  5. Exercise regularly 1-4-7

  6. Stop smoking

  7. Increase your natural progesterone levels above 20 ng/ml -- take compounded RDT at night

  8. Take iodine supplement

  9. Stop BCPs or Depo-Provera -- use abstinence vs condom vs foam vs copper IUD

  10. Check your intracellular Zinc and Selenium levels. While you're at it, check your TSH, FT3, and FT4 levels to make sure they’re all good


  • Optimize thyroid (FT3 & FT4) level

  • Take low dose metformin 50 mg/day

  • Take simvastatin or Crestor

  • Check your MTHFR and COMT genetic status

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