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VARS Liposomal Glutathione

VARS Glutathione is now available on VARS stands for Validated (proven to work in a reproducible study), Absorbable (first truly absorbable oral glutathione), Reduced (most people lose ability to re-reduce glutathione), and Stable (has at least a one year shelf life without oxidization). VARS is lemon and peppermint essential oil flavored as it is quite tangy.

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    • Carol Egger

      How often can you take it/day?

    • Ginger Pickering

      When will the Vars Glutathione be back in sick again?

    • Bonnie Kelly

      Any updates on when the VARS Glutathione will be available again?!?

    • Ronald

      Do you sell non mint flavored vars liposomal glutathione.

    • CjvyaWnx


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