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Glutathione is known as the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT for a reason. It is THE substance that’s in charge of detoxing dangerous oxidants and other free radicals in all cells, but especially in the brain. A truly ABSORBABLE, and STABLE glutathione (VARS), is the only version capable of delivering REDUCED glutathione to our cells. VARS Glutathione truly delivers on the untapped potential of this master antioxidant. 

PQQ is another special antioxidant that works specifically in the brain. One of the most AMAZING BENEFITS it can provide is the break-down of amyloid beta proteins. What the heck does that mean?!

Amyloid beta proteins are malformed proteins either caused by a genetic issue, or just tend to build up as we age. PQQ is used in several pathways to signal for these proteins to be dismantled and disposed of. This causes the PREVENTION OF certain kinds of COGNITIVE DECLINE that comes with old age! Another huge benefit of PQQ is that it naturally helps LOWER CORTISOL LEVELS, leading to LESS STRESS and BETTER SLEEP. So, basically, without it you turn into a stressed out, tired zombie.

Physician Designed Brain Support offers a uniquely potent blend of PQQ and CoQ10 causing it to be one of THE BEST heart and brain health support products on the market today.

Glutathione, PQQ, and CoQ10 all work together synergistically in numerous cellular functions, and Physician Designed supplements (products my partner and I worked tirelessly to develop) offer the ABSOLUTE BEST versions of these substances. Ready to be delivered in their functional forms.

Don’t just take my word for it – my patients and customers are absolutely LOVING it.

"The difference in just one month is remarkable! We both can tell a huge difference in his cognitive ability. So thankful for this supplement!" -CropTales

Brain Support MicroPQQ clears the fog and gets me moving through my day. I can focus and make snap decisions. After all these years...who knew? -Martha

Try these ULTIMATE supplements today and start living to your fullest! 

Dan Purser MD and Physician Designed Team