Soothe - Skin, Muscle, & Joint Cream

Where healing meets luxury.

Crafted for those who seek a sanctuary for their skin, Soothe combines the formidable antioxidant power of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) with the ancient healing essence of Frankincense extract, all nestled within a luxurious coconut cream base. This harmonious blend offers unparalleled protective and healing support, nurturing your skin back to its most serene state.

€56,95 EUR

Questions? We've got answers

What is Soothe?

Soothe is a transformative topical cream designed to shield your skin with the purest forms of protection and regeneration.

Is Soothe all-natural?


Does Soothe have a scent?

Yes, it does have a spa-like fragrance from the frankincense.

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