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An ideal dietary supplement with powerful effects to combat the onset and symptoms of normal cognitive decline associated with aging.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) is a novel cofactor capable of repeated oxidation and reduction reactions for thousands of cycles, influencing cell-signaling pathways important to mitochondrial function. In particular, it affects mitochondrial oxidative metabolism, antioxidant defense, and inflammation. PQQ stimulates spontaneous growth of new mitochondria in aging cells, and activates genes that govern mitochondrial reproduction, protection, and repair. PQQ has been found to be effective in combating the onset of certain types of mental and cognitive impairment that is a normal part of aging, and even restoring certain higher mental functions such as short-term memory and focus.

The biochemical properties of PQQ are similar to vitamin C in its oxidation-reductive potential, to riboflavin in its redox effects, and to vitamin B6 as a coenzyme for carbonyl group chemistry.

Studies show that PQQ facilitates nerve regeneration and enhances nerve growth factor through its function as an ultrapotent antioxidant (Murase, He). By increasing the number and efficiency of mitochondria, PQQ helps brain cells function more effectively.

In one study, PQQ exerted an improvement in cerebral function. Improvements were also found in high-level cerebral functions, including attention and information-discriminating and processing abilities, more so than of memory. PQQ and PQQ with CoQ10 improved high-level cerebral functions in healthy middle-aged and older adults.

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Brain Support is anti-aging, promotes brain health, promotes heart health and cardiovascular well-being

"The difference in just one month is remarkable! We both can tell a huge difference in his cognitive ability. So thankful for this supplement!"

Take two capsules orally a day. Use as directed by your healthcare professional.


Vegetarian capsule (hypromellose), cellulose, rice bran flour, metolose, beta-cyclodextrin (or non-GMO potato starch), carnuaba wax (plant extract).

More Information

MicroActive® CoQ10:

Is three times better absorbed than regular (crystalline) CoQ10
Is two times better absorbed than solubilized (enhanced bioavailability) CoQ10 softgels
Doubles CoQ10 levels from baseline after three weeks in 100% of users

Protects nerve cells
Improves cognitive function
Alleviates occasional stress and sleeplessness
Studies have shown up to a 30 times improvement in short-term memory and focus in cognitive evaluation testing on persons 50-70 years old who exhibited mild memory loss associated with aging when taking one daily dose of PQQ and CoQ10 together. PQQ supplementation has been shown to improve high-level functions including attention and discriminating and processing abilities.
PQQ inhibits amyloid fibril formation of amyloid proteins, presenting possible benefits of a novel therapeutic approach to neurodegenerative diseases.

This product and statement, "Brain Support," has not been approved by the FDA. It does not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or disease.


Consult medical advice from primary physician before use.

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