Super Antioxidant Bundle

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Boost your body’s natural defense against oxidative stress and inflammation with SOD, the most powerful antioxidant enzyme that’s made within your cells.

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$99.90 USD

Two of the most potent Super Antioxidants come In this one-of-a-kind bundle. 

VARS Glutathione contains The Master Antioxidant, in a patented formulation that provides unmatched detox capabilities, immune system support, energy production, and free radical scavenging. 

Serum X Topical SOD is the perfect companion to VARS Glutathione as it provides enhanced superoxide neutralizing capabilities. The SOD in Serum X is treated with a similar system to our VARS Glutathione making it the most potent SOD on the planet! 

Very Limited Supply

Together, these two antioxidants take on all of the harshest free radicals and oxidants in our cells. It’s literally your body’s first line of defense to protect all cellular function, and protect your DNA! 

Not to mention IMMENSE pain relief! You have to try it for yourself to understand just how good it is. 

This ultimate duo has never been sold together as a bundle and has only a limited supply. Stock up now and give your body all it needs for Ultimate Protection! 


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