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VARS Revive Glutathione Skin Mist

Support Rapid Skin Renewal

What is VARS Revive?

Supports Rapid Skin Renewal

When suffering from skin irritations, the skin’s storage of glutathione depletes and skin cells no longer have enough glutathione to repair themselves. By restoring the skin’s glutathione, VARS Revive accelerates skin restoration and revitalization.

Common skin afflictions include: sunburns, rashes, welts, burns, cuts, scrapes, blisters, and so much more.

Reduced Glutathione (GSH)

VARS Revive’s patented formulation supplies glutathione in its reduced or functional form. Unlike other forms of glutathione, which are already oxidized, the GSH in VARS Revive is a powerful intracellular super-antioxidant that binds to and stabilizes free radicals. 


Glutathione has a notoriously unstable molecular structure making it such an effective super-antioxidant, but it also makes it difficult to package and store long term. VARS Revive’s patented delivery mechanism stabilizes GSH in a liposomal and airless suspension. 


VARS Revive’s patented GSH formulation increases glutathione levels in the skin, giving an older adult the natural skin renewal potential of a younger person. Liposomal technology makes absorption into the top dermal layers fast and effective.


Nitrogen, purified water, sunflower lecithin, VARS Glutathione, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

To Apply

Clean the affected area. Hold the bottle approximately 6-8 inches from the affected area and apply a thin layer 3 to 5 times daily. Apply by spraying in short sweeping motions. The bottle can be sprayed in any orientation.


VARS Revive provides a calming and cooling sensation on your skin

Direct Targeted Relief: 

Unlike oral versions of glutathione that need to be metabolized before providing relief, VARS Revive is sprayed directly on the active site of affliction, bringing near-instant relief

360-Degree Suspension Delivery System:

Rashes, blisters, and burns can happen anywhere, under the arm or down the center of the back. VARS Revive can be sprayed in any direction to reach any affected areas. 

Most glutathione products are already oxidized, losing their skin-soothing and renewing potential. Maintaining high levels of glutathione in skin cells is key to reducing the suffering caused by skin irritations. Supplying glutathione in a usable, absorbable form is extremely difficult. Almost all other glutathione products on the market have already oxidized, losing their skin renewing potential before they’re ever applied. 

VARS Revive and VARS Glutathione are the only glutathione products in existence that provide a non-oxidized, functional glutathione formulation.


A truly functional glutathione product will never smell or taste good. Reduced glutathione has an open end to its molecule making it very “sticky,” meaning it's ready to connect to free radicals. When a full dose of reduced glutathione (GSH) is applied, a distinct sulfur-like smell is present. This is how you know you’ve got the right stuff. Nature made glutathione this way, trying to change it only makes it less effective. 

VARS Revive was designed by an MD and a rocket scientist to provide the ultimate topical glutathione application experience. Whether you use VARS Revive for burns, scrapes, bites, or more, make sure to have it handy for any and all outdoor activities. 

As with any new product, always consult with a physician before use.

The Age-Defying Qualities of VARS Revive