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Top 10+ Mom Menopause Questions | Facebook Live with Dan Purser MD

For this special Mother's Day Facebook Live, Dr. Purser goes over the answers to the most common questions that he gets from mothers going through menopause. He covers topics such as thinning hair, deteriorating muscles, gaining weight, mammograms, estradiol, progesterone, low libido, and achey joints. This Facebook Live covers it all!

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Women Who Should Never Take Estradiol!

Discover why those who have Factor 5 Leiden, ER Receptor Positive Breast Cancer, Post-menopausal Hypertension, Clotting, or are outside the '10-Year Window' should avoid using oral estradiol.

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10-Year Window | Menopause & Estradiol

Learn with Dr. Purser the importance of starting estradiol within the 10-year window of beginning menopause. Many physicians do not explain this window correctly and/or have misconceptions of using estradiol.

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